Art Parts

We have art parts beyond the ordinary. 

There are loads of stores that sell found art–that is, original artwork created with things the artist just happened to stumble upon.  And there are a great many stores that sell art supplies.  We are one of only a very few stores in the known universe that sells found art supplies.

Most resale stores don’t deal with ephemera, found objects, dinged-up vintagey bobbles or other marvelous tidbits that can be used to create original artwork.  Ephemera, by the way, are bits and pieces, things that have outlived their purpose but retain a certain appeal because they’re interesting, pretty, memorable or nostalgic.  Ephemera can be printed or written, paper or pot metal or any number of materials that are not intended to be long-lived.

Bottle caps, match books, glass glitter, frozen Charlottes, slightly used tubes of paint, tinsel, beads, old lace, fur trim, buttons, mannequins, photographs, bits of string, rusty things, shiny things and the occasional stuffed peacock–at Elite Repeat, we consider this good junk, and we save it up for artists like you!  (Because, let’s face it, who else would know what to do with it?)

SOLD - Ephemera at Elite Repeat: This is a detail of a photograph of a painting entitled Land of Nod by the British illustrator Susan Beatrice Pearse. We don't know where the original painting is, but in 1927 it was reproduced as a black and white lithograph by the Curtis Publishing Co., courtsey of the Edward Gross Co. of NYC, as an illustration for a children's story. This photo is printed on Kodak Royal Paper and measures 14" x 11".

Vanishing Nevada

The vanishing treasure of the American Western landscape was painted and photographed faithfully by artist Cliff Segerblom (1915-1990).  His photographs documented the completion of the Hoover Dam in 1938 and the splashdown of Apollo 12 several decades later.   In the intervening years, his skill as a photographer landed his work in Life, Time, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Nevada Magazine and Arizona Highways.  In 1984, Segerblom received the Nevada Governor’s Art Award in recognition of his skillfully executed paintings and photographs.

Unlike his photographs, Segerblom’s paintings are more difficult to come by, but they are equally impressive for his sensitive use of color, line and composition.  He developed paint techniques which were distinctly his own.  The two paintings shown here are perfect examples of how he uses his media to tell the story.

Segerblom’s photographs are on exhibit at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City until August 2.

The paintings shown were on exhibit at Elite Repeat until they were purchased on July 19.

SOLD - Golconda Crossing (1979) by Cliff Segerblom. 22" x 16". Watercolor & acrylic on watercolor paper. Framed.

SOLD - By-Passed (1976) by Cliff Segerblom. 20" x 16". Watercolor and acrylic on masonite. Framed.


The elegant, lacy Victorian blouse and skirt and the roll top desk pictured below have been SOLD!  The button-up boots (not pictured) have also been sold, but the treasures keep coming.  Subscribe to our blog to receive email notices of our latest and greatest!