The Flight of the Voyager

Around the world on one tank of gas! 

In December 1986, pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager became the first to do just that–non-stop in 9 days, 3 minutes, 44 seconds.  It was a world record and one of the last great aviation record barriers.  The Voyager aircraft now hangs in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, and this glossy print of the Voyager Aircraft autographed by the pilots could have been yours had you acted faster!  It wasn’t on the sales floor for more than a day.  That’s the way it goes at Elite Repeat.  We sell everything fast because our prices are so low–even when it comes to treasures like this one.  Visit us soon and expect a treasure hunt!

SOLD!    Voyager – The 200th Hour.  This is a fine print reproduction of a photograph by Lee Herron and autographed by the pilots, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. 

Kitchy Kitchen

For generations, the Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book has been the work horse of the kitchen.  For that reason, very few of these books are ever found in excellent condition, and this 1949 edition is the perfect example.  Its frayed edges are softened with decades of use,  its pages foxed with age and the hurried touch of busy cooks.

Old cookbooks make for good reading.  This one should be a best-seller.  According to the information on the first page, some of its outstanding features include color photographs, a meal planning guide, recipes for 35 different kinds of meat, foreign cookery–30+ recipes for foreign dishes, and a chapter devoted to leftovers.

We approach cooking differently these days, 62 years after this book was published.  How kitchy-quaint will our food styling appear to cooks in 2073?

SOLD - 1949 De Luxe Edition

Football Crazy

If you live in Stillwater, you probably are.  Football crazy, that is.  We just can’t wait for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys to hit the field.  But what about the other OSU?  The Ohio State Buckeyes?  Those people are crazy, too.  Not as crazy as we are, but crazy in the same way for fall weather, tailgate parties, and pigskin.  Those Buckeyes are proud of Woody Hayes, and Elite Repeat was proud to offer this signed autobiography for $200.  The book sold in October.

SOLD - 1975 edition signed by Wood Hayes