Jewelry, Cars and BBQ

Don’t miss Elite Repeat’s fine jewelry sale, Saturday, October 1, from 10 am to 5 pm.  We have so many pieces of exceptional jewelry that we can’t put it all out at once, so the tables will be continuously filled throughout the day.  It’s a good time to buy that perfect birthday present for yourself!  While you’re downtown meander Main Street and enjoy the 5th Annual Downtown Stillwater Car Show.  Eat some great barbeque and relax.  This is Stillwater at its best!

Jewelry Sale

Onyx, tiger eye, turquoise and sterling silver will be the stars of an unusual event.  On Saturday, October 1, from 10 am to 5 pm, Elite Repeat will hold a special sale of fine jewelry.  Several pieces are hallmarked or signed by the artists, including a pendent of green turquoise by Roie Jaque (pictured below on the chain), brooches and pendants by Cynthia Mann and Darla N, and earrings by Jefferson Abeyta.  Dozens of pieces will be on display and ready for immediate purchase.

SOLD - Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Stones - This is a small sample of pieces that will be available at our special sale of fine jewelry. The sale is one day only - Sat., October 1 at 10 am.

Like Ice & Snow

Silver Crest is a luminous, high-sheen milk glass with a crystal-clear wave on the rim.  It’s cool and smooth–like icicles and snow.

Heirloom is an opalescent glass, pearly white with blue undertones that shift as the light changes. Under a black light in a dark room, the glass fluoresces light yellow–a telltale sign that the glass contains a small amount of uranium and is authentic vaseline glass.

Milk glass and opalescent glass are becoming hot collectables.  Do an image search for decorating with milk glass and see if this isn’t true.

SOLD - Graceful and chic. The artistry and style of the Silver Crest and the Heirloom patterns are signatures of both the Fenton Art Glass Co. and Fostoria Glass Co.