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Tea for Two…or Twenty

There is no argument to be made.  Tea tastes better from a china cup than it does from a mug.  End of discussion.

English bone china from Aynsley, handpainted Nippon, Queen Anne and so many others. Cups and saucers, each one unique, will take your afternoon cuppa to a new level. Lift, sip, extend pinky.

Another Round

In the 1300s, the bubonic plague swept through Europe killing millions of people.  In the late 1400s, little flies swarmed Central Europe during the summers.  To improve food sanitation conditions and allay fears of the return of the Black Death, some principalities in what is now Germany passed laws that required all food and beverage containers to be covered.  A hinged lid with a thumb lift was added to the humble mug and an icon was born.  Stoneware steins with pewter lids caught on and are still popular today.

A collection of beer steins and mugs is available at the shop for your drinking pleasure!

Bulgarian Pottery

Nestled in the center of Bulgaria, in the foothills of the Balkan mountain range, is the small town of Troyan, a center for artisan pottery since the middle of the 1800s when the distinctive Troyan style began to take shape.  The red clay of the area is particularly well-suited for pottery, and the local craftswomen who painted the pottery each developed their own signature designs.

Troyan style pottery is considered to be a true Bulgarian craft.  Pieces are difficult to find in the US and tend to be pricey, but it is so worth the splurge.  In this vintage tea set the blue, yellow, black and white were painted on and then smeared to achieve the ripple and peacock effect.  Once the piece is fired, the glaze transforms into a high gloss with clarity and depth rarely seen in other pottery.

SOLD – Bulgarian Troyan style pottery tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer available as a set at Elite Repeat.