Mother Earth’s Children

The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables…This beautiful book, written by Elizabeth Gordon and published in 1914, is the source of these wonderful pages.  Alas, they are a book no more, but Mother Earth’s Children still delights.  In addition to the three illustrations shown here, we also have Pomegranate, Little Miss Sugar Cane, the Mustard children, Cauliflower, Mrs. Quince, Mother Pear and her twins, Banana, Cashew, Watermelon, Olive, the Popcorn children, Herr und Frau Cabbage, Apple, Fig and the little Rice ladies.  Each page has a different illustration on each side.  They are displayed for sale in the arts and crafts section of the store along with a selection of vintage books for your browsing pleasure.  So frolic!

Miss Parsley graces one side of this page and Miss Cucumber (not pictured) is on the other.

Genial Mrs. Wheat. On the reverse is baby Citron.

The sweet and juicy Currant ladies on the front and Brussels Sprout and Horseradish on the back.