Sharp Shooter

Yellow to shade the eyes from bright daylight and frosted to focus the eyes on a target, these rare shooter’s glasses date from 1880 to 1900. The wire temples are designed to wrap around the ear so the glasses will stay put while horseback riding.  The right temple hinge extends a full 180° to facilitate getting the glasses on and off.  Does the clear, dime-sized circle in the center of each lens actually help the shooter focus?  Probably not.  But that in no way lessens the cool-factor of this unusual, authentic eye wear.  These glasses are $95 at Elite Repeat.  We also have a pair of 1860s reading glasses, a pince-nez from the early 1900s and a pair of 1940s gold-framed specs in the jewelry case.

SOLD – Shooter’s spectacles manufactured around 1880 to 1900 are also called sharp-shooter’s or sniper’s glasses. Ideal for historic re-enactors, costumers and optical collectors. There is a small chip on the bottom edge of one lens.