Signs and Wonders

When that clever north wind blows autumn into town, mysteries of the universe appear and disappear, other dimensions unfold before your eyes, and astral planes collide in mid-air.  If you have the good fortune to be in Stillwater between now and Oct. 18, you’ll see some spooky manifestations going on in our store window.  As you probably know, our store window has always been a vortex of the weird and wonderful.

While most of the items in the window will be available for you to purchase on Monday, Oct. 19, at 10 am, we regret to inform you about one item that is not for sale.  The large crystal ball which is the prototype of Madame Rosealba’s high tech iBall Collection and the only one of its kind in the entire multiverse.  But Madame Rosealba will reveal all…including how to make your own crystal ball. Most of the materials appear as if by magic right here at Elite Repeat!  Scroll past the photos for her instructions.  Follow them to the letter and you will soon be holding your own iBall.

Madame Rosealba speaks. Scroll down for DYI crystal ball instructions.

Madame Rosealba speaks. Scroll down for DIY crystal ball instructions.


A sign from beyond the void: Art Deco picture frames are beautiful voices from the past.

A sign from beyond the void: Art Deco picture frames are beautiful voices from the past.


Got balls?

To make your own iBall, start by taking a selfie.  Edit the photo as desired, but remember, less is more when it comes to ghostly images.  Print the photo onto a transparency.

Now you’ll need a piece of glassware.  A sphere is the traditional choice, but you can use a jar, a fish bowl, a flower vase, etc.  Just be sure the glassware is stable when turned upside down and placed on a flat surface.  The iBall in our display was a terrarium in its previous incarnation.

Trim the transparency so that it is is roughly the same shape and size as the interior of your glassware.  Roll up the transparency or bend it gently to fit through the opening of your glassware, but be sure not to fold it or you will have unwanted marks haunting your image.  Insert it head first (upside down) into the glassware.  Adjust the transparency so it is centered in the jar and the photo is not against the glass.  The image needs to “float” in the center of the space.  Then turn the glassware upside down so that the photo is right side up.

Madame Rosealba had to use a bit of tape at the top of the photo to hold herself in place, so to cover up the tape, she draped ancient, amber jewels from the fabled cave of Ali Baba over the top of the crystal ball.  She found these jewels for sale among the bobeches at Elite Repeat.

Your iBall requires no special care, but you may like to select an elegant stand or pedestal on which to display it.  A silk scarf wrapped around the base of your glassware can also enhance display of your iBall.

Among other treasures in our window are a ghost ship, the Sword of Truth (with Certificate of Authenticity), a seeing-eye plant named Iris, the astonishing Sphere of Steampunk, and other equally mind-boggling Treasures for the Witching Season.