We’re Gonna Have a Party!

…And you’re invited!

Our 10th anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday, May 5, from 10 am to 5 pm at the store.  You’ll find in-store specials, our new display case will be loaded to the hilt with items wondrous to behold, homemade cookies will greet you at the door and (are you ready for the best part?) we’re going to give away money!  You heard that right!  We’ll start the day awarding some big bucks to our charities but we’re also going to be giving $10 cash prizes to our customers.  Every customer who makes a purchase is eligible to enter the cash drawings which will be held every half hour throughout the day.  And at the end of the day, we’ll have a BIG DRAWING for $250 cash.  This is our way of saying, “Thank You!” to you.  It’s going to be fun.

Speed Knitting

Knit like a pro with this vintage, top of the line White 1602 knitter.  It’s a beauty of a machine, and you know you’ve always wanted to try one.  Go for it!

SOLD - White 1602 Knitting Machine with 2 boxes of attachments, yarns and instruction books. Originally sold for $1400. Yours at Elite Repeat for $75.

SOLD - A sampling of stitches from the wonderful White 1602.

Mother Earth’s Children

The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables…This beautiful book, written by Elizabeth Gordon and published in 1914, is the source of these wonderful pages.  Alas, they are a book no more, but Mother Earth’s Children still delights.  In addition to the three illustrations shown here, we also have Pomegranate, Little Miss Sugar Cane, the Mustard children, Cauliflower, Mrs. Quince, Mother Pear and her twins, Banana, Cashew, Watermelon, Olive, the Popcorn children, Herr und Frau Cabbage, Apple, Fig and the little Rice ladies.  Each page has a different illustration on each side.  They are displayed for sale in the arts and crafts section of the store along with a selection of vintage books for your browsing pleasure.  So frolic!

Miss Parsley graces one side of this page and Miss Cucumber (not pictured) is on the other.

Genial Mrs. Wheat. On the reverse is baby Citron.

The sweet and juicy Currant ladies on the front and Brussels Sprout and Horseradish on the back.


If you’re in the habit of shopping Elite Repeat for art and craft supplies, you know that we have a very small exhibit space–about one square foot–atop the shelving unit where the supplies are displayed.  In this space we show off some of the artwork our staff creates using materials available at our shop.  These items are for display purposes.  They’re not for sale, but we’re sure once you see some of their ideas for using “found” art supplies, you’ll be inspired to create your own great works!  This week we’re experimenting with turning wallpaper into art paper.  We’re selling gorgeous wallpapers in lengths of 18″ to 36″ for  $2 to $3 each.  We hope you’ll visit our micro-gallery and take note of the possibility!

Wallpaper accordion book using 3 different wallpapers, stamping on the plain side and accents of gold stencil paint. (Display only. Not for sale.)

Wreath made by folding wallpaper into accordion pleats. (Display only. Not for sale.)

Wallpaper gift bag with brads for side closures and ribbon. (For display only. Not for sale.)

Wallpaper gift bag with machine sewn sides and string closure. (Display only. Not for sale.)

Art & Soul

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.  

So said Pablo Picasso, and we couldn’t agree more!  It’s in this spirit that we have recently (yesterday, in fact) reorganized our art and craft supply area.  You’ll find it easier to sort through the goods, and you’ll also see the occasional display sample of what can be made with treasures from our craft stash.   We carry the usual and the unusual, including plenty of found art supplies.  So for all you artists who are Elite Repeat regulars (we know who you are!)–this is for you!

SOLD - Cardboard spools of vintage, rayon seam binding. These little darlings are gone. They sold fast, but the art & craft supplies are restocked several times per week with all kinds of weird and wonderful Art Parts.