Attention literati, fashionistas, movie buffs and anyone who loves a mystery or if your initials are POE:  Offered for your approval is this very odd pin.  Is it amber?  Is it plastic?  Is it the emblem of a highly secretive order of Post Office Employees?  We have no idea.  There are no identifying marks except for the obvious reference to Edgar Allan.

Spooky, isn’t it!

We only have one of these, and once it's gone there is, to quoth the raven, "Never more!" Material not known. Pin on the back of this brooch works. Measures 1 3/8" in diameter.


Dragon Boat Brooch

SOLD - Commemorate the annual Dragon Boat Festival with this gorgeous enamel dragon boat pin. "Sterling Thailand" is stamped on the back. Located in the jewelry display case.

Jewelry Sale

Onyx, tiger eye, turquoise and sterling silver will be the stars of an unusual event.  On Saturday, October 1, from 10 am to 5 pm, Elite Repeat will hold a special sale of fine jewelry.  Several pieces are hallmarked or signed by the artists, including a pendent of green turquoise by Roie Jaque (pictured below on the chain), brooches and pendants by Cynthia Mann and Darla N, and earrings by Jefferson Abeyta.  Dozens of pieces will be on display and ready for immediate purchase.

SOLD - Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Stones - This is a small sample of pieces that will be available at our special sale of fine jewelry. The sale is one day only - Sat., October 1 at 10 am.