Speed Knitting

Knit like a pro with this vintage, top of the line White 1602 knitter.  It’s a beauty of a machine, and you know you’ve always wanted to try one.  Go for it!

SOLD - White 1602 Knitting Machine with 2 boxes of attachments, yarns and instruction books. Originally sold for $1400. Yours at Elite Repeat for $75.

SOLD - A sampling of stitches from the wonderful White 1602.

Chart a Course

SOLD - Two sets of navigator's charting tools with cases. Made in Germany, USA and Japan. Mid to late 1900s. Excellent condition.

Whether or not you’re a navigator, if you appreciate good tools finely made, these dividers and compasses will impress.  Their smooth action and sleek design makes them a pleasure to hold and use.  We have two sets, each with a case–one lined with blue and the other with green.  The tools are in mint condition.