Creature Comforts

Everyone should have a place of one’s own–a place to read, write and ponder.  The mouse who lives in this house is especially creative.  Look closely.  Everything in the house, even the orange crate that it’s made of, was originally used for something else.  Mice have to use the materials at hand (or paw, as the case may be), and this mouse house is a perfect example of recycling, repurposing and reusing cast-offs.  It’s as comfy-cozy as they come, from the glowing coals in the fireplace to the abundance of fancy foods in the kitchen.  Two mice babies snooze in a walnut shell near the wood stove and the exterior of the house features a Celtic mosaic chimney.

Created by one of Elite Repeat’s artists-in-residence, all the materials that went into making this lovely, little house were either found or donated to our shop in bits and pieces then carefully, imaginatively assembled into this fairy tale cottage.  It’s on display this week in our storefront window.  Do come by for a look!  It will be available on Monday, Dec. 5, at 10 am for $125.

Pricing Update:  As of May 1, 2012, this miniature mouse house is still available.  It’s been marked down to $100.  It’s waiting for you to take it home!

A writing desk in the upstairs living room of the mouse house.

Upstairs, downstairs...the elegant, relaxed atmosphere of this bookish mouse's living room contrasts with the busy, work-a-day kitchen.

Who else would you expect in a mouse's garden but a meditative St. Francis! The back of the house is decorated with a tall stone chimney and a bit of landscaping.

Crime & Punishment

Who would guess that behind a sweet facade of ribbons and lace lurked a hardened criminal?  This wasn’t her first crime.  She’d been suspected in others–a glass slipper gone missing…golden eggs misplaced…poison apples in the wrong hands.  No copper in his right mind could imagine a six-year-old with such fiendish cunning–not without previous experience in the public school system.  In the end, the blame was always pinned on an unfortunate bystander, frequently an older woman who happened to be so strapped for cash that she was forced to live in the forest in a house she baked and iced herself.

No, this wasn’t the first time Goldilocks (an alias) framed someone, but it was the first time she crossed The Bears.  These weren’t just any bears.  They were serious bears in silly clothes.  Bears get mean when they’re made to wear off-the-rack.  They hadn’t had their morning porridge.  Their blood sugar was low.  They were cranky and hungry.  The last thing you want is for them to surprise you in the act of trashing their home.

Goldilocks was brought to justice.

SOLD. 1985 Steiff Goldilocks & the Three Bears designed and signed by Suzanne Gibson. Excellent condition with numbered tags intact. The bears have squeakers in their tummies where porridge ought to be.