Speed Knitting

Knit like a pro with this vintage, top of the line White 1602 knitter.  It’s a beauty of a machine, and you know you’ve always wanted to try one.  Go for it!

SOLD - White 1602 Knitting Machine with 2 boxes of attachments, yarns and instruction books. Originally sold for $1400. Yours at Elite Repeat for $75.

SOLD - A sampling of stitches from the wonderful White 1602.


Mother Earth’s Children

The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables…This beautiful book, written by Elizabeth Gordon and published in 1914, is the source of these wonderful pages.  Alas, they are a book no more, but Mother Earth’s Children still delights.  In addition to the three illustrations shown here, we also have Pomegranate, Little Miss Sugar Cane, the Mustard children, Cauliflower, Mrs. Quince, Mother Pear and her twins, Banana, Cashew, Watermelon, Olive, the Popcorn children, Herr und Frau Cabbage, Apple, Fig and the little Rice ladies.  Each page has a different illustration on each side.  They are displayed for sale in the arts and crafts section of the store along with a selection of vintage books for your browsing pleasure.  So frolic!

Miss Parsley graces one side of this page and Miss Cucumber (not pictured) is on the other.

Genial Mrs. Wheat. On the reverse is baby Citron.

The sweet and juicy Currant ladies on the front and Brussels Sprout and Horseradish on the back.

Drama Queen

Over 100 years old and still as beautiful as the day she first went on the stage!

Stein's Theatrical Make Up. This face powder tin from the early 1900s is in fair condition, though the lid no longer comes off. The label that wraps around the side of the tin gives a description of all the colors that were available in this line of face powder, which was used by both stage and moving picture actors. The beautiful Art Nouveau label has a small amount of foxing but is in otherwise very good condition. You should look this good when you're 100 years old!

Another Round

In the 1300s, the bubonic plague swept through Europe killing millions of people.  In the late 1400s, little flies swarmed Central Europe during the summers.  To improve food sanitation conditions and allay fears of the return of the Black Death, some principalities in what is now Germany passed laws that required all food and beverage containers to be covered.  A hinged lid with a thumb lift was added to the humble mug and an icon was born.  Stoneware steins with pewter lids caught on and are still popular today.

A collection of beer steins and mugs is available at the shop for your drinking pleasure!

Bulgarian Pottery

Nestled in the center of Bulgaria, in the foothills of the Balkan mountain range, is the small town of Troyan, a center for artisan pottery since the middle of the 1800s when the distinctive Troyan style began to take shape.  The red clay of the area is particularly well-suited for pottery, and the local craftswomen who painted the pottery each developed their own signature designs.

Troyan style pottery is considered to be a true Bulgarian craft.  Pieces are difficult to find in the US and tend to be pricey, but it is so worth the splurge.  In this vintage tea set the blue, yellow, black and white were painted on and then smeared to achieve the ripple and peacock effect.  Once the piece is fired, the glaze transforms into a high gloss with clarity and depth rarely seen in other pottery.

SOLD – Bulgarian Troyan style pottery tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer available as a set at Elite Repeat.

Seasons’ Blessings!

The holidays are here!

Open your presents.  Pop a cork.  Eat too much. 

Laugh.  Sing.  Enjoy a good book.  Rest.

Elite Repeat is closed until 10 am on Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. 

We’ll see you then! 



Worn with use and bearing the patina of time. Old books are available in the craft section of Elite Repeat.

Kings of England

Steel engraving is a means of printing by etching and engraving on a steel plate.  Introduced in the late 1700s, it was used for book illustrations and banknotes.  Examine US paper currency and you’ll see fine illustrations of this art.  These two small portraits–of King Edward IV and King Henry VII–are very early examples of steel engravingThe portraits and their frames are estimated to be about 200 years old.   Because these engravings are protected within their glass frames, it is impossible to see, in these scans, the clarity of the printing and the near-photographic detail captured by the unknown artist.  If you would like to visit our royal guests, you’ll find them for sale in the jewelry display case.

SOLD - Portrait of King Edward IV framed and covered with glass. This steel engraving, circa 1800, is in an ornate copper frame of the same vintage. The frame measures 3 1/4" x 2 3/4".

SOLD - Portrait of King Henry VII framed and covered with glass. This steel engraving, circa 1800, is in a brass frame of the same vintage. The frame is signed "Chase" and measures 3 1/4" x. 2 3/4".

Crime & Punishment

Who would guess that behind a sweet facade of ribbons and lace lurked a hardened criminal?  This wasn’t her first crime.  She’d been suspected in others–a glass slipper gone missing…golden eggs misplaced…poison apples in the wrong hands.  No copper in his right mind could imagine a six-year-old with such fiendish cunning–not without previous experience in the public school system.  In the end, the blame was always pinned on an unfortunate bystander, frequently an older woman who happened to be so strapped for cash that she was forced to live in the forest in a house she baked and iced herself.

No, this wasn’t the first time Goldilocks (an alias) framed someone, but it was the first time she crossed The Bears.  These weren’t just any bears.  They were serious bears in silly clothes.  Bears get mean when they’re made to wear off-the-rack.  They hadn’t had their morning porridge.  Their blood sugar was low.  They were cranky and hungry.  The last thing you want is for them to surprise you in the act of trashing their home.

Goldilocks was brought to justice.

SOLD. 1985 Steiff Goldilocks & the Three Bears designed and signed by Suzanne Gibson. Excellent condition with numbered tags intact. The bears have squeakers in their tummies where porridge ought to be.

Like Ice & Snow

Silver Crest is a luminous, high-sheen milk glass with a crystal-clear wave on the rim.  It’s cool and smooth–like icicles and snow.

Heirloom is an opalescent glass, pearly white with blue undertones that shift as the light changes. Under a black light in a dark room, the glass fluoresces light yellow–a telltale sign that the glass contains a small amount of uranium and is authentic vaseline glass.

Milk glass and opalescent glass are becoming hot collectables.  Do an image search for decorating with milk glass and see if this isn’t true.

SOLD - Graceful and chic. The artistry and style of the Silver Crest and the Heirloom patterns are signatures of both the Fenton Art Glass Co. and Fostoria Glass Co.