Watercolor Painting of unknown origin. Artist's initials "N.F.G." are in the lower right corner. Medium weight watercolor paper. Painting measures 16.5" x 2.5". The full image is not shown here.

A light breeze, a rosy dawn, another day on the water for the  fishing fleet.  The men prepare their boats as three women in the traditional clothing of Marken Island converse in the roadway.  The focal point of the painting is the towering landsailer windmill–named for its sails that are so long they almost touch the land.  This peaceful, panoramic landscape–only 2.5″ high but 16.5″ long–is a sensitive, depiction of 19th century Dutch life.  Under a magnifying glass, this diminutive painting is rich in detail, delicate brush strokes and luminous color.