Victorian Elegance

Once in a while we receive donations of vintage and antique clothing and accessories.  In the past we’ve had velvet opera capes, flouncy flapper dresses, sequined jackets, elegant hats and countless other items.  Some antique pieces may be threadbare or extremely delicate.  Their intrinsic value is historical but not necessarily monetary, so we are able to make them available at the low prices for which our store is well known.  Occasionally we receive antique clothing in very good condition which, with care, may still be worn.  These pieces are researched and priced at rates that are very competitive and usually lower than they might be purchased online.

We treat antique clothing with great care so as to preserve its intrinsic and monetary value.   Historical reenactors, theatrical costumers, collectors and antique dealers find good reason to visit our store, as does anyone looking for a unique costume to wear to a party.  This Victorian mourning dress and ostrich feather along with a pair of button-up boots had been in the same family for at least three generations.  The blouse is silk overlaid with lace and buttons down the back.  The silk skirt is lace with ribbon inset accenting the back.  The gathered skirt is so light that it flows like gossamer when the model walks.

SOLD - Handmade Antique Silk Lace Blouse and Skirt with Ostrich Plume. Victorian era. Size Small. Delicate but wearable if great care is taken. The roll top desk by the Jasper Desk Co. has also sold.

SOLD - Gibson Girl style, blouson front with peplum and a stand-up collar with stays.

SOLD - Detail of Victorian skirt back. The skirt is black but appears gray in the photo, which is intentionally overexposed to show the detail of lace and ribbon.