Like Ice & Snow

Silver Crest is a luminous, high-sheen milk glass with a crystal-clear wave on the rim.  It’s cool and smooth–like icicles and snow.

Heirloom is an opalescent glass, pearly white with blue undertones that shift as the light changes. Under a black light in a dark room, the glass fluoresces light yellow–a telltale sign that the glass contains a small amount of uranium and is authentic vaseline glass.

Milk glass and opalescent glass are becoming hot collectables.  Do an image search for decorating with milk glass and see if this isn’t true.

SOLD - Graceful and chic. The artistry and style of the Silver Crest and the Heirloom patterns are signatures of both the Fenton Art Glass Co. and Fostoria Glass Co.

Once Upon a Zebra

Too good to pass up!  So many times we are given furniture that needs some tender, loving care in order to give it new life.  Sandy, one of our Elite Repeat artists, recognized the potential in this chair which had seen better days.  She made repairs and gave it a make-over.  In the process, she turned it into a treasure…again!  Sandy also created the first art chair we posted on this blog, which is now sold.

SOLD - Restoration complete!

Art Chair

Talent runs rampant among Elite Repeat’s volunteers, and this chair is an excellent example.  One of our gifted artists took an old chair and gave it new life.  It’s the only one of its kind, and it’s waiting for you–the accent piece you’ve been looking for.

SOLD - Hand-painted, reupholstered and voila! Transformation!