Yes, we are taking donations!

The alley behind our store is occasionally partially blocked due to renovations in the next building, however… we are still taking donations, and our end of the alley is accessible.  Please drive right up to our back door during business hours if you have something you would like to drop off.  We’ll be happy to help you back out or turn around so you can make a graceful exit.

Our intake is low right now, and we could use your help.  Probably due to the extreme heat, there are fewer yard sales, nobody is cleaning out their attics and garages, and who wants to load the car in this weather?  On the other hand, this is the ideal time to get your closets organized, redecorate the guest room or downsize and simplify.  And what about those unfinished craft projects that have been hanging over your head for years?  Send them in!  We’ll make use of them.

Getting rid of things is good for the heart, mind and soul.  It’s also good for Elite Repeat.  We thrive on your donations and look forward to seeing you!