Page Turners

Unusual, collectable and occasionally rare, we have books of every stripe.  If they are valuable or delicate, you’ll find them in our display case at the check out counter.  If they are not so valuable but terribly interesting nonetheless, you should look for them in our craft section.  If they’re simply a good read, check our book department.  Here are a few examples of what you’ll find:

School Children the World Over by Lucy Dunton. 1909. This book is found in only a handful of university rare book collections. It hasn’t even been scanned and made available online. If you appreciate rare books, look for this one in our display case.

We Come and Go, 1940. Dick and Jane team up with Baby Sally as they come, go, eat and play. Later they jump rope and play with Spot. Thrill to the excitement of seeing Spot run and jump.

Look, look.  See the illustrations. See the pretty illustrations.

SOLD – Raggedy Ann’s Magical Wishes. 1928. Written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. Raggedy Ann has a magical Wishing Pebble sewn up inside her raggedy self. Is there enough magic left in it for an adventure? Find out.

SOLD – “So everyone ran to the great doors of the castle and looked out and when they looked out, they all had to hold their breaths in amazement.”

SOLD – Gem Selection: Scottish Songs. Fourth edition. Bound in the Royal Stewart tartan made of silk and with gold lettering, thistle and lion rampant on the cover. This book has probably inspired many a Burns night dinner. Includes 16 illustrations, including a portrait of Robert Burns, himself.

SOLD – An illustration from Scottish Songs with the caption, “Cam’ ye by Atholl, lad wi’ the philabeg, down by the Tummel or banks o’ the Garry.” However that may translate into modern English, a man in a kilt never goes out of style.